I always wanted to write about magical money mantras and money attraction spells but never got the time to do so. I have got an opportunity today to discuss about the above subject matter so let's get started without further adoo.

White magic is a powerful practice that works very well for everyone. White magic is easy to use and has a reputation for delivering instant results. The one who uses white magic never fails and the results are guaranteed. If you need more information on white magic then send me a message here spiritedguru@spiritedguru.com

People ask me for white magic money doubling spells and money drawing spells that work immediately. These are two common requests that I receive frequently so let's take it further.

Let's talk about money doubling spells or money come to me now spells.
Money doubling spells are money manifestation spells. They work at a speed of light and will double your money within no time. You will no longer hunt for money because money will be available in abundance. Spells to double money are powerful spells.

Now, we shall talk about money drawing spells or money attraction spells.
These are extremely strong money spells that are known to pull money and abundance from the universe. The caster of money drawing spells will attract unlimited wealth and riches forever. If you seek instant results then keep reading.

Here is a powerful white magic spell to double your money and attract abundance.

Cast this white magic spell for money in the morning for a day only.

Go outside your home and sit in an area where there is absolute silence.

Look towards the sky and recite the money magic mantra for three to four minutes. Remember not to look at the sun while chanting.


Come back home and recite the same money spell chant for approximately three to four minutes with closed eyes. Sit on the ground while chanting.

This white magic money spell gets into action immediately and the process of money attraction begins at that very same point.

You will attract money forever in ways one cannot possibly imagine.

White magic spells for money start working immediately and the results are guaranteed come what may.