People often get confused between black magic spells and dark magic spells. Let me put to rest any confusion pertaining to black magic and dark magic.

Dark magic is quiet simply just another term used for black magic. You could have heard many stories from others but this is the ultimate truth. Taking my words of knowledge and wisdom will serve you best in life. If you want to know more then send an email and I will respond back with the required information. Here is my email id

People ask me regularly for black magic money spells that really work and black magic to get rich immediately. My response to them can be read below.

Black magic is unmatched and in my opinion the best form of magic for immediate results.
Black magic spells to get money instantly are used by people who desperately seek money.
I will teach you how to do real magic for money and become rich immediately.

Here is a powerful black magic money spell that should be cast every night.

Hold a cup of water and recite this black magic money chant for three to four minutes while observing the cup.


Drink the water from that cup.

Remember to use the same cup every night.

This black magic money spell has been used by many famous personalities and public figures but I cannot share their names due to privacy reasons. All I can say is that you could just be on that list after casting this money spell. Take my words literally.

The caster of this money spell will be blessed with unimaginable amounts of money that will keep multiplying forever.

Remember to cast this free dark money spell every night come what may.