Strange human behavior and irregular unexpected occurrences in life can be associated to men being possessed by evil or omen. Omen is the worst possible thing a person can be struck with.

Evil and Black Magic is cast on a person by a human but omen and ghost can never be cast on a person by a person. Omen is an act of supernatural or paranormal forces.

Omen can occur to anyone and there is no explanation for its occurrence. A general advice from me is to avoid wearing perfumes and sprays at night and never pass when walking underneath trees. Omen and paranormal forces tend to get attracted to people at night. Avoid what i have said and you can be rest assured to be safe from omen.

Here is the technique to cast the black magic, ghost and omen protection spell.

Make a small circle with a black pen or white chalk and sit in the circle.

Cast the Spell hundred times for a single day.


The spell will protect you forever from all types of evil, black magic, ghosts, demons and omens.