White magic is also termed as holy magic because it involves the use of sacred prayers, rituals and chants. We all believe in holy prayers and offer them in our very own ways to bring changes in our lives for good. A mix of white magic and holy prayers will bring about the desired changes in your life.

This page is titled as white magic spells with green candles for money so let me talk about this subject in details.

White magic works best when used alongside green candle magic in creating strong money spells.

People ask me for green candle money spells that work and green candle money prayers for immediate results.
I respond to them by first explaining the concept of green candle magic followed by a couple of free green candle money spells that work immediately.

I get many queries pertaining to candle magic and the one common question I receive frequently worth mentioning here is that how long does candle magic take to work?
I tend to keep my answers simple and to the point. The answer to the above question is below.
Green candle money spells are powerful spells that work immediately and will most definitely perform for you.

Here is a simple green candle money spell that works immediately.

Cast this spell for one night.

Take three small candles that should be green in color. Dark green candles are best to use. If you cannot find dark green colored candles then light green candles will work just fine.

Write this green candle money prayer on each candle with a sharp pointed object. You must write the prayer horizontally.


Keep the candles on the ground in a straight line.

Light them and start reciting the above green candle money spell chant. You will stop the recitation only when all the three candles melt completely.

Let the wax become cold for a couple of hours.

Gather all the wax and store it in a small ceramic container.

Keep this container at home and forever. This is the most important step.

People who use this white magic green candle money spell become rich overnight and stay rich forever.

If you need any help with the casting of this magic spell or want me to personally cast it for you then send me an email. Kindly send me your birth name, birth date and the time of birth if known for the custom spell casting. You can contact me here