I get many messages from people who are keen to know the hidden secrets of money manifestation.
I do not know about any such secrets and I seriously doubt their existence. I am an honest man and believe in speaking the truth. There is no point in telling untrue facts or stories that don't exist.
The only secret to attract wealth and money manifestations can be read below. Keep reading.

White magic is one form of magic that will manifest money for you immediately and the process of money attraction will last for a lifetime. There is something about white magic that cannot be expressed in words. This is the ultimate truth or shall I say the ultimate secret to manifest money.

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There are many people who want to learn how to attract money. Here is an easy money manifestation white magic spell that should be cast every morning. Sunrise is the best time to cast this money spell.

Sit with your legs crossed on the ground and chant this white magic money spell for five minutes with your eyes closed.


Remember to cast this easy white magic money spell every day. It's very important.

The caster of this money spell will be forever blessed with wealth and abundance.
It's an ultra powerful spell that will attract money towards you from parts known and unknown.

Your life will change after casting this white magic spell for money.