Voodoo and black magic both originated in africa and are completely different from each other. Both are unique and supremely powerful. If you want to know and learn more about black magic then click here.

African voodoo is a seriously effective form of magic. People who use voodoo will agree with me.
Voodoo magic involves the use of dolls, voodoo prayers, chants and rituals.

There is a common misconception amongst many people that voodoo is a complicated practice. This is not true and I disregard it completely. Voodoo magic is easy to use and can be practiced by everyone. If you need more information on black magic or voodoo spells then send me a message here spiritedguru@spiritedguru.com

Lets talk about simple voodoo money spells and how they work. If you are at your wit's end then I suggest you to keep reading.

Voodoo money spells and voodoo money rituals when combined together will work wonders for you. I say this with full authority.

Here is a free voodoo money spell that works fast.

Cast this voodoo spell for one night.

Take a voodoo doll and write the voodoo money prayer on it vertically. Any black colored doll is perfectly acceptable or you can stitch one yourself in black fabric.


Keep the doll on a steady surface and recite the voodoo money chant for five to six minutes while observing the voodoo doll.

Place the doll in your cabinet where you keep money. It's important to keep the voodoo money doll under some weight. You may use a paperweight or any small object.

This voodoo money spell starts working immediately once cast and the results will be there for you to witness and experience. The magic of voodoo will shape your life.

Remember to only use a jet black colored doll. This is very important.