Do not underestimate the power of white magic and white magic spells.
White magic is equal at par with black magic. One misconception that goes with white magic is that it's slow acting in comparison to black magic. This isn't true.
White magic when used correctly to its full potential will produce similar results as black magic.

Choosing white magic spells or black magic spells is an individual choice. It boils down to personal individual preferences and nothing more.

White magic and white magic spells casting are directly related with Gods, angels and white forces of heaven, earth and nature.

White magic produces permanent results and is power packed. It guarantees results.
It's important to use white magic accurately with precision to get results. A rookie will have very little chances to succeed with white magic hence request a professional white magic practitioner to do white magic and cast white magic spells on your behalf. If you want me to do the job for you then send in an email with a request.
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I can write a whole lot more about white magic since it's my favorite topic but I have written in brief about white magic to save time. You may read more on white magic and spells here.

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