Most of the emails I get from people are for free easy love spells that work and for white magic love spells without candles. I speak to people for their feedback and have come to a conclusion that people prefer love spells without ingredients or materials. They want results without efforts. I will teach you how to achieve your love desires and goals easily, effectively and effortlessly.

Many people come to me asking for strong love spells that can be used without much effort. I advice them to use love spell chants. Keep in mind that there are two kinds of love spell chants.

Love chants with candles - They will require candles and some efforts to use.

Love chants without candles - No efforts required. They are easy and work for real.
Love spell chants without candles or ingredients are easy to use and give immediate results. The method of use is easy and involves nothing other than recitations of love chants or love mantras.

Here is a free white magic love spells chant that should be used to attract a lover, bind with partner, reconcile with lover and to reunite with partner. This love chant works for marriage as well.

Use this love spell chant without candles for one evening after sunset.

Sit in a clean corner of your room and recite this love chant for 5-6 minutes while imagining your lover. The imagination has to be clear.


Expect results moments after using this love spell chant.

If you have used this love chant to attract a lover and get married then be prepared for it to happen.

If you have used the love chant to reunite with partner or reconcile with lover then prepare yourself to share and eternal bond with your partner or lover. The bond will last for a lifetime clear of all troubles and worries.

Chanting love spells without ingredients or materials work immediately and my suggestion to those who need immediate help and are desperate to sort their love lives.

If any further help is needed then drop me an email and I will be glad to help. Here is my contact address spiritedguru@spiritedguru.com