Let me first explain the difference between simple love spells and advanced love spells. People often get confused and fail to understand the difference. I will keep it very simple for you to get a better understanding of the difference between the two.

Easy love spells are not much different from advanced love spells. The results produced by both are equally effective which is the only thing that matters to people and rightly so.

Simple love spells are also termed as easy love spells because they are to be cast without materials and ingredients. Easy love spells can be used by everyone and there are no age restrictions or limitations. People prefer simple love spells because they are easy to cast.

Advanced love spells require ingredients and materials that assist in casting them for results. Most of the ingredients and materials are easy to obtain.

There is a common misconception amongst many people that easy love spells are not very effective. This statement does not hold true and I reject this theory completely. Simple love spells or easy love spells are extremely effective and second to none. You can take my word because I speak from experience. If you need more info the send me a mail at

Simple love spells are created by me with the use of black magic making them extremely powerful.

You may use these love spells to attract a lover, reconcile with lover, get back ex, reunite with partner and to get married with the one you love.

Cast this easy love spell for seven nights just before sleeping.

Lie down on your bed with your eyes closed and chant the love spell for five minutes while imagining your lover or partner.


Do not discontinue the casting of this spell even if your lover/partner comes to you before the timeframe of seven nights. Complete what you start which is very important for permanent results.

This is an easy love spell which gives prime results and there are people out there who send in emails thanking me for creating such a simple love spell that works.