Voodoo is famously known as african magic and is an extreme form of magic. Voodoo should be used only when required. I suggest the use of voodoo love spells to people who have lost all hopes. Voodoo love spells are extreme spells and should be used when there is absolutely no hope left.

Love is a very strong feeling that can actually make or break you. People write to me and even come to me with tears in their eyes explaining their love problems. I take it on my own to solve their love problems by either casting a voodoo love spell or sending them an easy to cast voodoo love spell for free.

Voodoo love spells are used to attract a lover, command a partner and to make someone fall in love with you immediately. If you have a special request then send me an email here spiritedguru@spiritedguru.com

Here is a voodoo spell to make someone fall in love with you instantly.

Cast this instant love spell for one night.

Take a small palm sized wooden box which should be black in color. If you cannot find a black wooden box then take a regular wooden box and paint it black from outside. Let it dry well for few hours before using it.

Write the name of your lover on the top of the box. Write it nice and clear.

Keep the box on a steady surface. It's best to keep the box on a table.

Open the box and place an egg in it. The egg should be a raw one.

Chant this voodoo love spell that works for hundred times while observing the box.


Keep the box at your home for the next 24 hours after which you can dispose it off because it will no longer be needed once your lover has come to you.

Let me tell you what to expect after casting this powerful voodoo love spell.

If you have cast this voodoo spell to attract a lover then the one you love will walk towards you. He or she will propose a relationship or marriage.

If you have cast this voodoo love spell to control a partner or lover then he or she will come under your total control and by control I mean that your partner or lover will become faithful to you, love you, respect you and never betray you.