Africa has played a major role in shaping magic and taking it to the next level. Black magic and voodoo are two powerful forms of magic that originated in africa. African voodoo is an extreme form of magic that works. Black magic and voodoo are powerful and at par with each other. If you want instant results then I suggest the use of voodoo and black magic.

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Lets talk about african voodoo money spells and how to use them effectively.

I recommend the use of those voodoo spells to get rich which are to be cast using real voodoo dolls. Voodoo doll spells are easy to cast and simply the best.

I will first teach you how to make a voodoo doll that works immediately followed by a voodoo money spell for free.

Use the below method to prepare a money voodoo doll easily.

Take a black colored thick fabric and from it cut-out two equal pieces in the shape of a basic doll. We need both the pieces cut to equal shape and size. Stitch both the fabric pieces together halfway and stuff them with cotton or wool. Now, complete the stitching process. Remember to use a black stitching thread only.

Here is an african voodoo money spell that can be used by everyone.

Cast this spell for one night.

Keep your voodoo doll on a steady surface and apply some red paint on its head.

Recite this voodoo money chant for five to six minutes while observing the voodoo doll.


Take a small needle and pierce it in the left leg of your voodoo doll.

Try and bury the doll at home but if that's not possible then take the voodoo doll and bury it secretly in an area just around your home.

Prepare yourself to become rich and famous after casting this voodoo money spell. The results are permanent and keep multiplying forever. You will experience magic at its very best.

African voodoo spells are easy to cast and can be used by everyone.