I am a great believer in prayers. A prayer from the heart will strike a chord with the universe. The universe will then bring the heaven and earth together for you. This is a fact and an age-old practice. If you can meditate daily for 10-20 minutes and practice power prayers then nothing like it.

Now let's talk about the current era in which people hardly have the time to follow the above. Don't get me wrong but that's a fact. Keep reading and I will show you how to become rich and wealthy without effort.

Money spells that can be used effortlessly are termed as easy money spells. Money spells without ingredients are always in demand. These money spells are preferred by people all over the world.

Easy money spells or simple money spells are created by me with the use of white magic because white magic is mainly based on power prayers, holy chants and mantras. White magic is the only form of magic that can be used without ingredients.

Money spells without ingredients are very effective and start working immediately.

If you want a lot of money and can't do without it anymore then I suggest the use of easy money spells without ingredients.

Here is an easy money spell that works fast.

Cast this money spell every day in the morning.

Take a glass of water or milk and keep it on a steady surface.

Chant this money spell for five to six minutes while observing the glass.


Go outside and pour your glass at the base of a bare tree. You must use the same tree for this daily money ritual.

Let's talk about what one can expect after casting this easy money spell.

The caster will be overwhelmed with the supply of money that will never end and last forever.
Prepare to see your bank accounts, vaults and lockers to overflow with money and riches.
Don't ask me how all this will be achieved because its best to keep certain secrets concealed. All I can say is that the wealth and riches will all be legitimate.

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