Indian magic has ruled the world of magic and spiritual practices which is no surprise because Indian magic is strong, easy and effective. Indian magic has a great history which can be read in the books.

Here, first I want to explain the difference between magic spells and Indian magic spells.
Many people ask me to differentiate between the two so here we go.

Magic spells involve chants, prayers and specific required materials for casting.

Indian magic spells are so strong that they are only based on chants also called as shloks extracted from scriptures.

On this page I am writing some of the best Indian magic spells that are easy and effective.

Email me if you have queries and need help in understanding these spells.

Free Love Spell
Use this spell to reunite with partner and end quarrels with partner forever. The spell is a guaranteed spell and works always. Use this love spell and bid a final goodbye to unending quarrels and reunite with partner forever happily.

In the evening chant this spell ninety-nine times.


Use the spell for one week and then see the magic.

Stop A Divorce Spell
Divorce is a hard phase of life and even more to get over with. If a person has suddenly decided to save his marriage then this is the best spell to use.

Keeping and maintaining a positive frame of mind one must chant this stop a divorce spell thousand times.


Use the spell for fifteen days to stop a divorce.

Lust Love Spell
The spell is highly rated and the results people experience after using this spell are mind blowing. Use this spell if your partner is not showing interest or has lost interest in you.
This spell will work its magic on your partner to such a limit whereby he/she will crave and want to be with you always. It's a very strong love spell and works to the limit.

In the evening chant the spell for hundred times


Use the spell everyday till results are noted.

Love Spell For Attraction
Many people find themselves less attractive or not as attractive as one should be. This causes inferiority complex which hurts ones confidence to the limit.

This attraction love spell will make the user attractive physically and more importantly increase the physical appeal which will be noticed by others around and attract people.

In the morning chant this spell fifty times before breakfast.


Cast this spell every day.

Free Money Spell
This spell is for those who want unlimited money in no time. A mega money spell coming your way free.

Chant this spell in the evening around seven o'clock for two hundred and sixteen times.


Use the spell everyday and see your life change. Do not forget to send me a testimonial.

Million Dollar Simple Money Spell
I have given a very interesting name to this money spell which does justice to it.

At the start of every month chant this spell for four days and see what it does.
Chant the spell in the evenings for three hundred and sixteen times.


People who use this money spell swear by it.

Easy Money Spell
The most easiest money spell one will ever find on this planet.

Cast the spell anytime you feel like for as many times and as many days one desires.


Its and easy spell to use that translates into unreal amounts of money.

Instant Money Spell
If ever a situation comes when money is required instantly then this is the right spell to cast.

Keep chanting the spell continuously for 3-5 minutes till help comes in the form of money directly and indirectly.


Money will come in one way or the other within minutes.

Simple Protection Spell
A simple protection spell that's way ahead of all free protection spells. It's a personal recommendation from the guru to use this spell.

At morning chant the spell hundred times forever.


The spell protects the caster and the caster will live a long life.

Black Magic Protection Spell
Black magic spells and black magic are the last things one will ever want to get influenced with. The thought itself is terrifying and sends shivers to the spine therefore this spell you are about to read is a very strong spell to protect and destroy all black magic.

For one week chant the spell in the evening one thousand times.


The caster on the seventh day will feel the mind and body becoming lighter. This will indicate the black magic is destroyed and removed completely which will be a start of a new beginning and a normal life.

Evil Removal Spell
It's a free spell and one of the best spells one can find. Evil, jealousy, hex and voodoo are all covered by this free evil removal spell. It's an amazing magic spell.

Use the spell and stay clean and clear of them all for a lifetime.

Cast the spell in the morning or evening which is fine.

Chant the spell hundred times for seven days.


Guaranteed spell to remove and repel evil, jealousy, evil eyes, hex and voodoo.

Free Curse Removal Spell
Curse is dangerous and casting curses is an art used by wicked, evil and jealous people. Curses are aimed directly to bring downfall and failures to a person. Curses can and do ruin people forever. A cursed person will sink each day unknowingly till he is completely destroyed.

Cast the spell if you are cursed and break all curses immediately.

Chant the spell ninety nine times for nine nights.


Ninth night of casting will mark the removal and destruction of curses/curse.

Pregnancy Spell
Females who cannot get pregnant often face mental issues as depression and phobia. Infertility is a medical condition and there is no real cure to it scientifically.

If a female has tried all the medications to no avail then try this spell and get back to me. Females thank me immensely after casting this spell.

For one month cast the spell at night three hundred times.


The good news of pregnancy will come within one month.

Don't skip a single day.

This free pregnancy spell works miracles.

Easy Pregnancy Spell
Females wanting to get pregnant but cannot become due to personal reasons will use this spell for pregnancy.

Case the spell hundred times every day for seventeen days.


It's a guaranteed spell and works always.

Pregnancy Spell That Works Fast
It's a fast acting spell and once used never ever fails.

For eleven nights cast the spell three hundred and thirty times.


The news of pregnancy will just be around the corner.

Fertility Pregnancy Spell
This free pregnancy spell is one that works against all odds always.
If you have given up and all efforts to get pregnant have failed then wait till you cast this free pregnancy spell.

Cast the spell hundred times for twenty nights.


It's a strong guaranteed spell and always delivers.

Cure Male Impotence Spell
Globally men suffer from impotence most probably caused due to medical conditions or hormonal imbalances. Science has no answer and no permanent cure to treat male impotence.

Men who have tried all medications in the world without results must cast this spell and let me know.

Chant the spell for seventeen days hundred times.


The cure male impotence spell naturally is the only effective solution and permanent cure to treat male impotence guaranteed.

The spell will cure impotence, infertility and enhance performance.

Spell For Good Luck
Good luck is a must for all hardworking people and even more for those who are not so hardworking.

Each day cast the spell one hundred times and observe the difference in luck.


People who have used this spell have witnessed unexpected good luck, good fortune and success.

Business Success Spell
Not much needs to be done to cast this spell. It's a guaranteed free success spell.

Cast the spell every morning as soon as you enter office premises one hundred times.


Observe how your luck turns making you a total success with business and work.

Free Success Spell - White Magic
White magic is safe, holy and effective.
The spell is used by those who suffer from total failure and have no hope or scope for success. It's a very strong spell and works always.

At night before sleeping chant the spell ninety nine times forever.


Don't get astonished to see and feel success allover coming from one way or the other.

Magic Success Spell
It's a wondrous magic success spell. I recommend this spell to everyone and should be cast every day.

Chant the spell three hundred times in the morning.


This spell always works and will bring success at the feet of the caster.

Revenge Spell
This is the be-all and end-all spell to get revenge. Misery, failures, downfalls and regrets will fill and overburden a person's life on whom this spell is used.

Chant the spell hundred times daily for one week at night.

"TABHA TODHA DUSRAKO _____________"

Add the name of the person to the spell on whom you are casting this free revenge spell.

From the seventh night results can be seen. It's an extremely strong spell.

Hex Spell - Bad Luck Spell
Putting bad luck and casting hex is not easy but wait till you cast this free spell. It's the easiest and the most effective spell.

Chant the spell three hundred and three times for a single day at night.


The blank field needs to be filled with the name on whom this spell is going to be used.

Use the spell to put bad luck and cast hex on a person.

Curse Spell
Curse is a strong invisible weapon to destroy an enemy. Here is a spell that is a guaranteed curse spell.

Cast the spell nine times for nine nights.

"TAGAJ JOJAK ___________ KORUJ"

Right the name of enemy in the blank field.

Your enemy will be cursed from the moment you complete the spell on the ninth day.

Cleansing Spell - Spiritual Cleansing
Here is a spell that will clear the aura and cleanse one's body and soul. It's a guaranteed body spell that works always. The cleansing spell will create a positive aura around the caster and instill positive thoughts, beliefs and attitude.

Use the spell daily and chant it for fifty-hundred times. Cast the spell in the morning and is recommended.


Take advantage of this free body spell from now.

Free Beauty Spell
Beauty is a hot topic of discussion on every forum. This is a dual spell for men and women.

Cast the spell each morning hundred times for beauty like never before.


The spell develops stunning beauty in the caster of this free beauty spell.

Self Purification Body Spell
People cast this spell to clear their errors, mistakes, wrongdoings and sins that haunt them.

Use the spell for one month to clear all sins.


Cast the spell only with clear intention of forgiveness, regret and repentance to make this spell work successfully. As soon as the 30 days of using this spell are over the caster will feel all fear and guilt of sins committed going away indicating the self purification is successfully completed.

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