White magic love spells are divine love spells and work for all genuine love desires.
Divine love spells comprise of divine practices and holy chants that work for real. Divine love spells are very easy to cast. White magic love spells are unique and one of a kind magic spells.

I get many messages for free easy love spells and love spells for beginners which is perfectly fine.
I reply to all such messages by first explaining what white magic is capable of doing for them followed by a series of white magic spells for beginners.
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White magic love spells for beginners are created by me without the use of materials hence they can be termed as white magic love spells without ingredients.

I always believe in the best hence don't just go by the title of this page. All white magic spells that have been created by me are powerful and equipped to deliver results.

All my white magic love spells can be used by beginners and advanced spell casters who seek immediate results and I promise there won't be any disappointments.

Cast this white magic spell for beginners to attract a lover, start a relationship and to get married to the one you love.

Cast this spell for a single day at sunrise.

Wake up just before sunrise so you are ready to cast this spell.

Go out and sit under a tree in a location where there is complete silence.

Close your eyes and chant this love spell for five minutes while imagining your lover.
The imagination has to be nice and clear.


Return back home the moment you complete the above.

Expect a couple of immediate outcomes after casting this white magic love spell. Keep Reading.

You may find your lover waiting for you at your doorstep. This will be the time for you to accept him or her and start a relationship.


The person you love will come in contact with you directly or indirectly and will want to marry you.

Both the outcomes serve you well and that's the whole purpose of casting this white magic spell.

Remember what I said at the start of this page and let me remind you again because it's my duty to do so. Cast this spell on a person only if your intentions are clean.
Never use white magic spells for fun or if your intentions are not clear.