Genie Power Invocation

This is a superior power and a very sacred formula. This formula disappeared in the late 70's and early 80's. This Formula that I have brought to light is an all time great formula. Once the Genie is conquered you become a very powerful person. He will take you to places in seconds; he can bring mountains of gold etc for you within seconds.
No evil or black magic will even come close to you.
No disease can even touch you. All you have to do is that you just command him and he will do or bring that thing to you as per your will and wish.
All your problems and worries will be over in an instant.
He will be your invisible body guard and will also attract the good angels towards you.

Price US $ 150

Messenger Angel Of Wealth
Do you want to become rich? I provide this rare invocation which is a secret formula.
It's a spiritual being for wealth and will provide the invoker with treasures from the invisible. It's the best invocation and the greatest tool ever for people who want to have wealth and enjoy the luxurious of life. The messenger is a supreme spiritual being and will cross all boundaries to make the invoker wealthy. There will be more money at your feet within minutes than what you could possibly have never imagined. Note the person who will do the invocation will become rich within days.

Price US $ 100

Spirits Invocation
This formula was discovered by the ancient Egyptian scholars and is used widely around the world. This formula enables you to conquer the spirit. You can conquer any dead person's spirit or any near and dear ones who has passed away. This formula is used to know the hidden treasures and hidden secrets that you always wanted to know. This formula also makes sure that the good spirits are always around you and guiding you. This is a top seller.

Price US $ 75