Wicca magic or witchcraft is an age-old practice that has stood the test of time. Wicca is a globally accepted practice and is shaping lives of people who make use of it. Wiccan spells never fail and deliver instant results. I urge you to spread the word of wicca after reading this page because there are people out there who need serious help. It's best to spread knowledge and assist others.

Wicca is unique and extremely powerful because it involves the use of sacred symbols, objects and amulets. Wiccan supplies can be easily acquired from any store.

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Wiccan witchcraft is extremely popular and I get many requests for wiccan magic spells that work fast. The most common request is for wiccan money spells without candles.

It's a tough task to create free wiccan easy money spells without candles but I have managed to do just that after a lot of trial and error.

Here is a free wiccan spell for money that works immediately.

Cast this money spell for one night.

Take a small aluminum plate and engrave a pentagram on it.

Engrave this wiccan spell below the pentagram.


Keep that plate on the ground and recite the above wiccan spell chant for five to six minutes while observing the plate.

Preserve the plate at your home and forever. This plate now becomes a very powerful magical plate and holds the key to your glorious future.

Wiccan money spells work forever.

Expect unlimited wealth and riches after casting this free wicca money spell.

Remember to use an aluminum plate but if it's not available then you may use a steel plate. I prefer aluminum over steel because it is much easier to engrave on it.