White magic is a globally accepted practice mainly because it delivers. Its popularity keeps on increasing every year which is a very good thing. White magic works best when used in combination with sacred rituals and texts. Combining white magic with rituals and sacred texts for maximum effect is an art that is not known to many. If you want me to custom cast white magic spells and rituals then send me a message and I will use the best combination that fits your present situation. Leave it to me and will do the needful.

White magic spells for love and money are extremely popular. The reason for their popularity can be directly linked to the results they produce. The results produced by white magic are permanent and last for a lifetime.

Many people ask me for free money spells that work immediately and magic spells that work instantly for money. My response to them is not complicated and can be read below.

If you want the very best spells for money then they have to be white magic based money spells.
White magic spells to attract money take immediate effect and work for a lifetime. If you want to know more about white magic then send me a message. I will teach you how to do white magic at home. This is my contact address spiritedguru@spiritedguru.com

Here is an easy money magic spell that should be cast in the morning and only for a day.

Hold a fruit in either hand and chant this white magic money spell for hundred times while observing the fruit. You may use any fruit.


Go outside your home with that fruit and bury it secretly in mud.

Expect unlimited wealth after performing the above ritual to attract money instantly. The process of money attraction will start immediately and will last forever. You will be astonished with the results.
It's a classic white magic spell for money.

White magic money spells really work and I say this with full authority.