Common questions I receive very often pertaining to white magic are as follows.

What is white magic?
White magic is a magical practice that is considered as holy.
White magic and white magic spells should only be used for clean and genuine purposes.
Do not use white magic for wrong, illegitimate and evil purposes.
Make note of all the above points which are the main pillars of white magic.

Are white magic spells for beginners?
White magic spells are for beginners and advanced spell casters as well. White magic spells are top rated spells because they produce results and are easy to cast. Most white magic love spells don't require ingredients to cast which is what people prefer. Very few white magic love spells will require ingredients to cast. Each white magic spell for love is unique.

Can one cast white magic spells at home and if yes then could you be kind enough to throw some light on how to do white magic at home?
White magic love spells and rituals can be carried out at home. Most white magic spells are to be cast at home while some are to be used outside in the open.

Do white magic love spells work instantly or they will take time to show results?
White magic love spells get into effect the moment they are cast and will give guaranteed and permanent results. White magic is very strong and there are people who write to me saying that they got results even before completing the spell casting.

Are white magic love spells without candles as effective as white magic love spells with candles?
Both are equally effective and opting for white magic love spells without candles or with candles is a personal choice. Both work amazingly well.

I have kept my answers short so they can be easily understood without any confusion but if you still want more info then send me an email and I will reply shortly. My email address is spiritedguru@spiritedguru.com

White magic love spell chants are extremely powerful and here is the best love chant that took me a while to prepare.

It's a very special love spell chant and to be used to attract lover, mend broken heart, reconcile with partner, reunite with love, bring back your ex and to get married to a desired partner.

Use this white magic chant at sunrise for three days.

Find a suitable place at home to recite the love chant where there is absolute silence.

Sit in a comfortable position and recite this love spell chant for five minutes while imagining your love.


The one who is in your heart and mind will come to you with complete love and respect for you.

It takes zero effort to cast white magic love spells for amazing results.