White magic or holy magic is practiced all over the world and has a reputation for delivering permanent results. White magic involves the use of holy prayers, sacred scriptures and rituals thus making white magic a force to reckon with. White magic works best when use in creating love spells and money spells that really work.

Candle magic and money spells go hand in hand. Green candle magic is practiced by individuals who want unlimited money. If money is your top priority in life then I suggest you to keep reading. Money spells that are created using green candle magic are very easy to cast and termed as candle spells for beginners that give instant results guaranteed. Green candle money spells are powerful and the best money spells that work immediately. If you seek money desperately then the below mentioned spell is perfect for you to cast.

Many people ask me for free money attraction spells or money drawing spells that work immediately and then there are some who request me for custom money spells casting.
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A lot of trial and error is involved in creating money spells that work immediately. It's not an easy task but I never back away from a challenge. I have created the best money spells that work fast with the help of white magic and green candle magic. White magic spells to attract money give guaranteed immediate results.

Here is a white magic abundance candle spell for money and prosperity.

Cast this candle spell to attract money for one night.

Take three small green colored candles and keep them in a straight line on the ground.

Light the candles and chant this white magic green candle money prayer till all the candles melt completely.


Gather all the wax remains once the wax turns cold and store in a ceramic container.

Add few drops of lavender incense to the wax and close the container tightly. Keep this container at your home forever and never open it in your entire lifetime.

The process of money attraction begins immediately after the casting is done and will last forever.
Prepare yourself for unlimited money and riches after casting this green candle magic money come to me now spell.

This money spell with green candles should only be used once in a lifetime. Never repeat it for the second time. Remember what I have just said.