Voodoo is a practice that is second to none and used throughout the world. Voodoo magical rituals and voodoo dolls when combined together give best results. Voodoo magic spells that are to be cast using voodoo dolls are ten times more effective than voodoo spells that don't involve the use of magical voodoo dolls hence I suggest the use of voodoo doll spells for immediate results.

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There are many people who want to cast voodoo dolls black magic spells for money but don't know how to get started. Don't worry and keep reading.

I will teach you how to create and use a voodoo doll for money gains.

Here is a real voodoo money spell that is easy to use.

Cast this powerful voodoo money spell for one night.

Go to a store and get a small woolen or cotton doll stitched in dark black cloth. If you can't find one then get it custom made from a tailor or create it yourself. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to obtain or prepare a voodoo doll. I have known many people who gave up on the whole idea of casting voodoo spells just because they had to look for a voodoo doll or get one prepared. If you fit in this category then you probably will have to email me and I will have to send one for you.

Keep the money voodoo doll on a stable surface and chant the voodoo money prayer for five to six minutes while observing your money doll.


Take three tiny needles and pierce them in the doll at the center point in a straight line.

Again recite the voodoo money chant for approximately five to six minutes while observing the doll.

Go outside your home and bury the voodoo doll secretly in a less populated area.

The caster of this african voodoo doll money spell will be forever showered with unlimited wealth and riches. There will be no room or space left for you to store money. Trust me; it's a great situation to be in. I suggest hiring a professional wealth management service after casting this powerful voodoo spell that will put your mind at ease. Wealth management services are very good at investing money for even greater gains.

Voodoo dolls for money make people rich beyond limits.