I don't actually understand what people mean when they ask me for free love spells that work for real. I wish to know from them that do they think there are two types of love spells namely real love spells and not so real love spells? The fact remains that none can define love spells and all love spells work for real in the present. I think I have used enough common logic to underline the fact that all love spells work but if you still have questions then send me a message and I will be more than happy to reply back. My email address is

I speak to many people and even give lectures on magic and spirituality where there is a lot of interaction that takes place between me and others. I have come to understand that people term black magic love spells as love spells that work for real or the real deal love spells so keeping their perspective in mind let me start talking.

Black magic love spells really work and give immediate results that are permanent. None can question this fact.

Here is a free black magic love spell that can be used to attract a lover.

Cast this spell after sunset for a single night.

Take a picture of the person you love and want to attract.

Take a black thick pen or marker and write this black magic spell on it once.


Chant this real love spell for thirty times while observing the picture.

Keep this picture safely in a place where there is complete darkness. You can simply use a book in which you can store the picture. Remember to keep this picture with you at your home forever.

The one you love will come with strong love, affection and passion towards you.

This is a seriously strong love spell and cast it on a person only if you have a long term relationship in mind or marriage. I am making myself clear.