To have a protected family and a secured home is a dream that is seen by many people but only few manage to make this dream a reality of their lives. I have always maintained that people should put serious efforts to protect themselves and their families. It should be a priority for everyone.

Many people ask me for free home protection spells and protection spells from enemies so let's gets started.

A protection spell is considered to be powerful only if it offers complete protection against evil, black magic, witchcraft, wicca, voodoo, curses, hexes and jealous people. If you seek the best protection then keep reading.

Here is a protection spell that will not only protect you from all the above mentioned but also offers protection against accidents and disasters.

Cast the free powerful protection spell every morning in your home to protect yourself and the family members living with you.

Sit on a clean surface and recite this strong protection chant loudly for five to six minutes with your eyes closed.


You, your family members and your home will be protected forever after you start using this free protection spell.

This protection spell can also be cast for loved ones who don't stay with you.

Here is how you will use this protection spell for someone else.

Cast the spell every day without fail.

Sit on a clean surface and hold a photo of the person for whom you want to cast the spell.

Recite the above free protection chant loudly for five to six minutes while observing the photograph very well.

This protection spell guarantees complete protection and is very easy to cast.

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