Simple money spells or money come to me now spells are easy money spells chants that work amazingly well. They are also termed as money drawing spells that attract wealth and riches.

It's not easy to create simple effective money spells without ingredients. A lot of expertise is required in creating such simple powerful money spells. Let me talk about how I go about creating them.

I strongly believe in white magic and its miraculous abilities. I use it extensively in creating easy money spells. White magic is a mix of sacred scriptures and holy prayers that are extremely powerful. Such strong prayers and scriptures work on their own hence I use them in creating simple powerful money spells without ingredients. You know the secret now. Keep reading.

You may use simple money spells that work to attract wealth, draw riches and enjoy fortunes.

Here is a free simple money spell that works immediately.

Cast this powerful white magic money spell every morning.

Close your eyes and recite this money spell chant for approximately five minutes.


Let me talk about what one can expect after casting this money spell.

If you have used this spell to improve your finances then prepare yourself for a financial windfall like never before. Your finances will hit the roof and be there forever.

If you have cast this money spell for wealth then you will be showered with extreme wealth, riches and fortunes for a lifetime.

There are people who use this money spell to banish debts as well. If you have a mounting debt to repay then cast this spell and clear debts immediately. You will be debt free forever and enjoy a life full of joy and luxuries after casting this easy money spell.

Debt can hurt a person mentally which can have an adverse effect on life which is not a good thing to happen. There are many types of debt and the most common ones are credit card debts, utility bills, home loans and personal loans. These keep mounting which is a major concern and can put you in a whole if not dealt with in time. If you can relate to what I have said and are in trouble with debt then stop worrying and send me a message. I will personally cast a banishing debt spell for you that will banish debts immediately in one way or another. My email address is