This spell is super strong and will bring pain and agony to a person. It will first bring destruction to a person's financial assets and belongings followed by extreme pain and agony. Don't cast this spell for the sake of destroying and causing pain to a person for no valid reason. Although there is no such thing as good karma or bad karma but cast this spell only if you feel the need to cast it.

Cast the spell for seven days at night time.

Here is the technique.

Write the name of the person on a tissue and immerse the tissue in a bowl filled with black ink.

Sit in front of the bowl and chant the spell three hundred and ten times.

This will be your daily routine and on the seventh day after the casting is complete you must add two raw eggs in the bowl.

On the eighth day pour the contents on a neem tree.

This is your spell


By casting the spell you would be making a person helpless and overburdened by loss, lack, pain and agony.