If you want to cast powerful love spells then you have come to the right place.

There are many different kinds of love spells that work at different frequencies making it very tricky to choose the right love spell that fits your situation best. Don't worry because I will leave nothing to chance and make sure you cast the spell that suits your situation best.

Powerful love spells are those spells which involve the usage of pictures.
Using pictures to cast love spells is a very powerful practice that has most recently gained popularity.

I get a lot of messages for free love spells with pictures that are easy to cast.

Here is a powerful love spell using pictures that works.

Use this free love spell to make someone love you and get attracted to you beyond limits.

Cast this love spell for three nights after sunset.

First night - Hold the picture of the one you love in your right hand and chant this love spell for thirty three times while observing the picture.


Second night - Hold the picture of your lover in your left hand and follow the above spell casting instructions.

Third night - Take a black thread and loosely tie it around the picture. This time hold the picture gently with both your hands and follow the above spell casting procedure.

Keep the picture along with the thread in a dark place where sunlight does not reach. You can use a drawer which is best to use. The picture must stay with you at your home forever. If you are a traveler and shift homes regularly then be sure to take the picture along with you.

The one you love will fall for you and get attracted to you like a magnet. The attraction will be extremely strong and unbreakable. This will be the time for you to stand up and take this attraction to the next level which could easily translate into a love relationship or a marriage.