Love spells are many but let me talk about the three main types of love spells.

Love spells using materials - They require ingredients that can be found in the market. Ingredients or materials can be easy acquired from a local store or market. My love spells don't require fancy materials or hard to get ingredients. I prefer keeping things basic for best results.

Love spells that don't require materials - These spells comprise of love spells chants and nothing much. Chanting these love spells repeatedly will do the job for you. One must maintain a good level of concentration while casting.

The above are the two major types worth mentioning.

This page is titled as love spells that don't require ingredients so let's continue talking about the same subject.

Love spells without ingredients are basically powerful love spells chants and are even called as love spells mantras or love mantras. These love chants carry great weight and are so very powerful that they work without the assistance of any ingredients or materials.

Free easy love spells chants can be used for any and all love wishes.

Here is a love spell that works without ingredients.

Cast this spell for three nights at a fixed time of choice and that would be it.

Chant this love spell mantra for hundred times while imagining your lover/partner.


It's best to close your eyes at the time of chanting which will certainly help you with your imagination and concentration both.

Concentrate very well on your imagination.

Your love desire or wish will come to pass on the third night itself and I stand by what I say because I never believe in loose talk.