Free easy love spells that work fast are in great demand. People ask me for easy love spells without ingredients and how to go about using them. All magic spells that I have created and uploaded on my website are easy to use with complete instructions. If you have any queries or need personal assistance in casting free spells then send me a message here

All my easy love spells that work fast without ingredients are white magic based because white magic works best when used in creating love spells. White magic gives quick permanent results.

Fast working love spells serve the following purposes.

Love attraction.

Marry a person that you love.

Reconcile with partner.

Heal a broken relationship.

I have scripted a powerful love spell that's easy to use and I want you to make full use of it for the above mentioned.

Cast this spell for three days at sunrise and at a fixed time. Timing is important to make this spell casting a complete success.

Take a picture of the one you love and keep it on a wooden table.

Sprinkle some olive oil on the picture. Use a very small quantity to avoid any mess.

Chant this white magic love spell for thirty times while observing the picture closely and with immense concentration.


Wipe the picture and keep it very well in a safe place at your home.

Use the same picture and repeat the above spell casting procedure for the second and the third morning.

Your lover/partner will find his or her way to you within hours of casting this easy love spell.

Remember to keep the picture at your home in a safe place forever. It's important to preserve the picture.

If you want to cast a love spell that works without ingredients then this spell is just for you.
It's easy to use and extremely effective.