Many people send in emails asking for free love spells that work in hours because they need immediate help. People who need immediate help are obviously in a tough situation and my heart goes out to them but there is more to me than just feeling sorry for them. I will not only take you out of a whole but will make sure you enjoy a happy love life because you deserve it.

Simple love spells that work in hours are black magic love spells because black magic has the force within to produce results within hours. Black magic is the most powerful magical practice that ever existed and is absolutely unmatched. Use black magic love spells to witness the changes it will bring in your love life.

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Use this black magic spell for love for a single night.

Take a picture of your lover and put it under your pillow.

Close your eyes and chant this black magic love spell till you go to sleep.


There should be no thoughts or any distractions while you are chanting the love spell.

Moment after waking up in the morning, you must keep the picture on your pillow or bed and chant the spell three times with your eyes open.

Preserve this picture with you and forever. This is very important.

Within few hours after casting this love spell, your partner will come to you no matter where he or she is located.

This is a powerful black magic spell for love that mends broken hearts and the bond you will share with your partner will be unbreakable.