African magic is powerful and mainly involves the use of black magic, voodoo and hoodoo.
Voodoo and hoodoo are forms of magic that originated in africa. Voodoo and hoodoo are completely different from each other.

Voodoo is known for strong and powerful results. Voodoo magical spells work best when cast using voodoo dolls. Voodoo doll spells are extreme spells. Voodoo spells are used for many purposes that include love, money, protection and revenge. If you want to read more on voodoo then click here. You can always contact me for more information at spiritedguru@spiritedguru.com

Hoodoo is a unique practice that cannot be compared to voodoo or black magic. Very few people know about hoodoo because it's a secret practice but the ones who know and use hoodoo magic spells have great respect for it. Hoodoo magic gives guaranteed results. I want you to share this page and spread the word of hoodoo after reading this article.

Let us talk about real hoodoo spells and how to use hoodoo spells to attract money immediately.

Hoodoo works best when used in creating money spells and lottery spells that work immediately.

If you want large amounts of money then I suggest the use of hoodoo lottery spells.

Hoodoo spells for money are powerful and will work for you.

Here is a free hoodoo lottery winning spell that should be cast hours before playing lottery, lotto, bingo, pool, horse racing and slot machine games. This hoodoo spell is meant to be used for all such games of money.

Take one large red onion and keep it on a steady surface.

Chant this hoodoo spell for money for approximately five minutes while observing the onion.


Cut the onion safely in two halves.

Preserve one half at your home and bury the other half secretly outside your home in mud or sand.

You may now play with full confidence and prepare yourself to win big. The winning prize money will be yours for the taking.

Remember to dispose the onion from your house only after you have won the lottery or got the news of winning. Don't bother about the portion of the onion that you buried outside your home.

You may use this hoodoo lottery spell only once a month.

Hoodoo spells for money and hoodoo magic words to attract money work and the results are guaranteed.