The use of candles in casting love spells is a practice that always produces results. There is a mysterious connection between love spells and the use of red candles in casting them. None can explain this connection because the bond defies logic and the laws of magic and spirituality.

Love spells with candles are the best love spells in my opinion because they never fail.

Love spells using candles are based on white magic and give permanent results.

The one who will cast love spells with candles will become a guaranteed winner in his or her love life and at the same time prosper in all the other aspects of life. This is the power of white magic.

If your love life is in trouble and there seems to be no way out then give this love spell with candles a try and you will thank me for it because it will change your love life completely. The change of events this powerful love spell will bring in your love life will leave you astonished.

This love spell with candles has a solid reputation for saving marriages and love relationships.

Cast this free love spell to save your marriage or love relation from the clutches of divorce, breakup or separation.

Here is a free white magic love spell that will heal your love life thus ensuring you lead a happy and a productive love life.

Cast this white magic spell for a single day. It's best to cast it just before sunset.

Take three red candles of equal length.

1st Candle - Engrave your name on it in bold and capital.

2nd Candle - Engrave the love spell on it in capital and bold.

3rd Candle - Engrave your partners name on it.

Use any tool of choice to engrave the writings on those candles clearly.

Here is the powerful love spell chant that must be engraved on the second candle.


Keep the candles in a straight-line next to one another at equal distance in the exact same sequence that I have mentioned above.

Burn all the three candles and simultaneously recite the love spell chant till they completely meltdown. There should be absolutely no thoughts in your mind during the time of recitation.
Observe the candles very well at the time of chanting.

This free easy love spell gets into action immediately once cast and will restore your marriage or love relationship within hours come what may.