White magic is a practice that is considered sacred and holy. There are people who prefer white magic over all other forms of magic mainly due to this reason. It is believed that the user of white magic receives daily blessings from holy and divine angels. Each blessing received is worth its weight in gold. If you need to know more about white magic or holy angels then write to me and I will reply back. Here is my email address spiritedguru@spiritedguru.com

Now, I will talk about ancient egyptian magic and its origin.
Many people don't know much about egyptian magic which is surprising. If you are reading this page then I want you to share it with friends and family. Sharing knowledge with others is a good thing to do. Egyptian magic originated in ancient egypt and is considered to be one of the oldest magical practices in the world. Egyptian magic involves the use of black magic, white magic, rituals and chants.

Ancient egyptian money spells are very popular and I get many emails for them.
If you need egytian money spells and rituals to make you rich then send me a message and I will reply back with the ones that suit you and your situation best. Kindly send me a detailed message for a better understanding of your present situation.

Here is a free egytian spell for money that should be cast for one morning.

Keep a very small brass bowl filled with water on a steady surface.

Chant this ancient egyptian money mantra for five to six minutes while observing the water in that bowl.


Take that bowl with you in the bathroom and pour water from it on yourself slowly.

The one who will perform this egyptian white magic wealth ritual shall be blessed with unlimited wealth and riches. This is an extremely powerful egyptian money spell that works fast and forever.

Remember to make use of a brass bowl if you want this egyptian spell to work for you. This money spell only works when cast using a pure brass bowl.

Egyptian money spells are money manifestation spells that really work.