People ask me for the best love spells that work fast. Such mails bring a smile to my face and I will tell you why. You cannot ask a father to pick and choose a child which he loves the most amongst his children and the same goes with me as well. It's not possible for me to handpick a single love spell out of the many love spells that I have created over the course of time. All love spells work fast and it is for you to decide which love spell you want to cast. If you need any advise then send me a mail here spiritedguru@spiritedguru.com

Cast white magic love spells that work fast if you want immediate results.
White magic love spells without ingredients are the fastest working love spells in my opinion and experience. Love spells created by the use of white magic give outstanding results.

Use white magic spells for love to attract a lover, to marry a person of choice, reunite with lover and to reconcile with partner. If you want to cast the below spell for a special purpose/purposes other than the ones I have mentioned above then I suggest you to consult me first and only then go ahead with the spell.

Cast this spell in the morning for a day only.

Stand facing a mirror and chant this love spell for five to six minutes while observing your face in the mirror.


Paste a picture of your lover or partner on the same mirror and chant this love spell for five to six minutes while observing the picture.


Remove the picture carefully and preserve it with you at your home forever.

Your lover or partner will come to you and become yours. He or she will express unconditional love and will want to be with you forever. The bond will be eternal and unbreakable.

I want you to be absolutely sure before casting this love spell on someone. If you have made up your mind and want to spend the rest of your life with him or her then go ahead and use this white magic spell but if you are unsure then kindly stay away from this spell. White magic love spells that really work are strong spells that can never be reversed.