My heart goes out to the possessed person and here is the spell that is the strongest of all spells out there to remove and destroy evil, black magic and omen forever.

There are stages in which black magic and omen hurts and destroys a person from within till the last stage is reached from where a person cannot be healed. This is claimed by spiritual masters all around but not by me. Definitely not by your spirited guru.

The spell you are to read will destroy omen and magic completely in its last stage and reverse it curing the possessed person completely. This is a landmark spell and i am making it available for free because saving lives is priceless where money should never be discussed. I never take money in exchange of the secret arts i have acquired over time. This may sound crazy but this is my truth.

On a Monday evening take a black chicken and move it around clockwise in a circular motion from head to toe of the possessed person nine times. Cast the spell nine times as well at the same time when doing rounds of the chicken. Leave the black chicken on the street and let it go without bothering to look back at the chicken. You can chant the spell yourself or let the possessed person chant the spell if he/she is in the condition to do so.

At night take a lemon and color it well with red chilli powder. Keep it at some distance from the possessed person and let him/her chant the spell ninety-nine times with full effort and in a loud voice.


Throw away the lemon far away and don't look back at it. Throw it so hard in the air that it disappears from sight.

Immediately the possessed person will notice the difference and in few days will gain a perfect mental and physical equilibrium of a normal man.

The spell has two stages to it.

The chicken takes away all the omen and magic from which the person is suffering.

The lemon casting protects the person from being affected ever in the future.

The chant is made by me after using all of the knowledge that i have because saving lives is what i believe in and i leave no stones unturned when it comes to helping others to this level.