Love spells to attract a specific person are targeted love spells that are cast to make someone love you and be attracted to you forever.

Attraction spells for love are created by me by the use of black magic because you need the most powerful form of magic. Black magic has the power to make someone love you by forcing the issue.
Your lover will get drawn towards you.

People ask me out of curiosity that how is it possible to attract someone or make someone fall in love by the use of magic spells?

Here is the answer to the above question.
Black magic spells to make someone love you will instill thoughts of love and attraction in the mind of the person you love to an extent that he or she will actually believe that you are the right one.

Your next question would be how to cast these targeted love spells to find love of choice?

Black magic attraction spells that work for real are also termed as new moon love spells because love spells cast on a new moon work best for love and attraction.

You will not find many free love spells to do on a new moon anywhere else other than here because I have mastered the art of casting love spells on a new moon. Send me an email if you need more info. My address is

I will show you the exact method of casting such black magic new moon love spells.

Cast this love spell at night on a new moon date. It's easy to find out the exact date over the internet or ask someone for it.

Step outside your home and sit in a place where there are no trees and no shade. It's best to cast this magic spell in a clean place.

Close your eyes and chant this love spell loudly for five minutes.


Go back to your home without talking to anyone and on reaching home take the name of your lover for five minutes with your eyes closed.

The person you love will find his or her way to get to you. He or she will express love and affection for you which will be the time for you to act and behave maturely and take this love attraction to the next level that should be marriage.

Love spells to do yourself are many but this love spell to do on a new moon is rare and the most effective.

Cast this love spell only if you want to marry a person to whom you are attracted. Remember what I have just said.