Credit card use is ever so enticing but a menace never the less. Plastic money is misused more often than not causing mountain high debts which after a point become unmanageable and un-payable. You know what I mean.

I have no intention to give a lecture or stop you from using cards and spending cash but my intention is to ease your burden of paying debts courtesy of using credit cards.

I am hereby writing a spell that has amazing hidden wonders in it which even I could not find. Its true and the irony of it is that I myself being the creator of the spell could not find the mysterious wonders this spell holds. I had first prepared this spell as a general spell but overtime and feedback from clients indicated to me that it works best to banish credit card loans. This spell works at a speed of bullet.

Cast this spell for ten days without missing a single day. A single day missed will cause complete failure and you will have to restart the entire process from scratch.

Cast the spell from Monday morning and count ten days from thereon.

Keep all your credit cards in one clean corner of your home and they will stay there unmoved for ten days.

Each morning sit with your legs folded in front of the cards.

Sprinkle some rose water around your cards.

Chant the spell for as many times you can and then put some marigold flowers on the cards. Keep the flowers untouched till the next morning. Use fresh marigold flowers daily.


I have come to a conclusion that the mysterious wonders associated with this spell are courtesy of the marigold flowers. Marigold is a highly rated traditional Indian flower.

The spell works instantly and will start clearing your debts almost instantly. All the mountain sized debts will start fading till the time they are completely finished.