Black magic originated in africa and has gained immense popularity with time. Black magic is the most powerful magical practice ever known to mankind. If you want more information on black magic then keep reading.

Let's talk about black magic and what makes it special.

Black magic comprises of dark rituals, chants and mantras that are derived from secret texts. These secret hidden texts are extremely powerful thus making black magic a force to reckon with.
Black magic works for everyone and can be used for all purposes. If you have a custom spell casting request then send an email to me here spiritedguru@spiritedguru.com

This page is titled as powerful black magic money spells so let's discuss further.

Real black magic money spells work immediately and we all know that.

Here is a free black magic money spell that works fast and is very easy to cast.

Cast this dark money spell for one night.

Go outside your home and sit under a banyan tree that is located in a less populated area.

Chant this money magic mantra for five to six minutes with your eyes closed.


Come back home and keep a glass full of water in front of you.

Recite the same money spell chant for five to six minutes while observing the water.

Drink some water from the glass and again go to that banyan tree with the glass where you will pour the remaining water at the base of it.

This african black magic money spell involves the use of a hidden dark money chant that's extremely powerful and works at a blazing speed. The caster of this black magic spell for money will become rich and wealthy. The time has come for you to enjoy the luxuries of life. You deserve it.

Real black magic spells for money work and do give guaranteed results. If you need money now and that too in abundance then I suggest the use of this powerful black magic spell.

Remember to cast this magic money spell only under a banyan tree and no other tree. This is a very important point to remember because this spell won't work if cast under any other tree. It's easy to locate a banyan tree.